Pets My favorite date ideas

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  • JourdynK ( 25W / Birmingham, AL )


    Going to an animal shelter to look at adorable animals. Then dinner! 😄

  • kittykatherine ( 19W / Utica, MI )


    I do not like the standard dinner date for a first date. I like to think out of the box. Like going to a cider mill and walking around, going to a nearby carnival or wine tasting, going to flea markets, even coffee is be  more>>

  • TRAVREED ( 19W / Houston, TX )


    Movies Dinner Walk at the park Museum Any of the above are things that I really enjoy.

  • jenny5038675309 ( 40W / Hillsboro, OR )


    Hanging out at the dog park guessing the diiferent breeds we encounter.

  • SmallTownGirl30 ( 35W / Chelsea, OK )


    Lunch or dinner... picnic or the zoo;) up for suggestions

  • Morgana333 ( 56W / Parksville, BC )


    We grab our dogs and a windbreaker ....a hot timmies .....and have a slow walk along a beautiful beach chatting and getting to know each other.

  • ashcama1993 ( 22W / Lubbock, TX )


    I just want someone who will love my fur babies the way I do that has a dog or 2 my baby is energetic and funny and is my world!

  • margotlb ( 19W / Trois-Rivieres, QC )


    See some pets in a zoo or go to a arts place can be really great.

  • noordinarymoment ( 49M / Knoxville, TN )


    First date is easy, talking and laughing at a park. If we like each other, the 2nd-??? dates should be more FUN.... doubles massages at Spas, long weekend trips to mountains, casinos, ocean, skiing, you name it....

  • Taetheelovely ( 27W / Plainfield, NJ )


    I don't know but it better be good I'm open

  • hundhaus ( 20W / Lawrence, KS )


    To be quite frank, I miss my animals. Back home, I used to ride horses quite often, afterward coming home to our dogs and cats. However, here at school, I miss these things quite dearly! I would love to go out with a man  more>>

  • Michelle_Azarias ( 23W / Lebanon, TN )


    Night out or in. My interest in animals is key.

  • Jenjen22 ( 22W / Los Angeles, CA )


    We met at the dog park. And have a foward conversation we take a walk while the animals play.

  • Annne01 ( 44W / Kissimmee, FL )


    I liove my two Poodles , I don't have kids and to me having my babies doggies are enough. Dogs are the purest creature , loyal and to be honest , I love them more than most people .

  • ShyGirl90250 ( 45W / Hawthorne, CA )


    First meet and first date to me are two different things. So lets start with first meet. I think I would prefer meeting at a dog park. Of course, I would bring my overly protective Akita who weighs twice what I do, and m  more>>